Together Again

It isn’t very often that we have all three kids together these days. The oldest, Will, is going into his Sophomore year of college. Gracie is about to tackle her 8th grade year, while Ben is dipping his toes in the waters of his education at pre-k.

Before the kids start another year (or their first year) of school, I treated them to some donuts at Zombie Coffee & Donuts and a stroll through downtown Athens. As I sat there and watched the kids devour their sweet treats I thought how great it was having them enjoy their time together. I truly feel blessed with our group of kiddos.


I traveled to Moab, UT with work for Easter Jeep Safari. It was the first time being out to Utah. I have to admit, I really didn’t think much of Utah before the trip. It isn’t a state that registers with most people as being an interesting state to check out. For those who what Utah has to offer though, it is a real treat to visit. Though I was there for work, I still managed to steal some time to take some shots from my little Fuji X-T20.